Choosing an electric blanket

Everyone has had the experience of going into a bed that is far too cold and feeling like you have actually jumped into an ice bucket. This feeling can be consigned to history with the purchase of an electric blanket. In this blog we’ll look at the main types and what to expect when looking to buy one.

Electric under blanket

Electric under blankets are the most popular type of electric blankets. Here are their main properties:

  • Heats the surface of the bed
  • Covers your mattress up to the pillow area
  • Attaches to your mattress using ties
  • Available in fleecy and non-fleecy versions
  • Needs a covering sheet for protecting your mattress


Electric over blanket

Electric over blankets are designed to be placed on top of you while you sleep. Here are some of their distinguishing properties:

  • Can be used like a normal blanket under your duvet
  • Can be placed inside your duvet cover
  • Helps to maintain a constant temperature in your bed overnight
  • Available in sizes to match your bed


Heated mattress covers and protectors

Heated mattress covers are placed like a mattress protector on top of your mattress but under your sheets. Here are their unique qualities:

  • Covers your entire mattress like a fitted sheet
  • Fitted using an elasticated skirt
  • If you choose not to turn it on, it will function just like a normal mattress protector



Heated mattress topper

Heated mattress covers are placed like a mattress protector on top of your mattress but under your sheets. Here’s what to expect:

  • Sits on top of your mattress
  • Ticker and more padded for extra comfort
  • Fitted with elasticated straps


Heated throw

Heated throws are more decorative than other electric blankets and can pass for a non-wired version.

  • Versatile
  • Can be used on a bed to keep it warm or when you’re lying on the couch
  • Available in a variety of textures and colours
  • Decorative, so it doesn’t have to be put away when it’s not in use


Heated duvet

Heated duvets are much like other blankets except the duvet itself is wired for electricity.

  • Heats up with a switch
  • Can be used all year round
  • Functions as a standard duvet when not turned on


Features to look out for

When you’re looking to buy here are some of the main features you mind find and why they are useful:

  • Timer programmes – These turn your blanket off after a certain amount of time. Great for safety and saving money
  • Heat Settings – Most electric blankets will come with various heat settings to let you choose how warm you want to be
  • Dual controls – This allows each side of the bed to have different settings. Great if your partner likes a different heat level
  • Overheat protection – All blankets sold in the UK have this safety feature. This will prevent your bed going up in flames
  • Temperature sensors – These detect your body heat and the temperature outside you bed and adjusts the heat level accordingly
  • Extra foot warmth – Some blankets have extra wiring to give your feet an extra boost of warmth

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